Online Forms

In this section we will offer various interactive forms for such purposes as letter-writing campaigns, online registrations and surveys. We will notify you through our 1100+ member google Email List and 850+ member facebook Group as forms are posted.

If you would like to view past FOD newsletters in PDF (requires Acrobat Reader), please visit our archived newsletters section.

Please Note: The FOD Group has a PO Box ADDRESS (contact info), as well as a Michigan PHONE Number so disregard the NC address on past newsletters and online forms.

FOD Brochure

FOD Family Support Group Brochure (PDF) [updated 2016]

Prints doublesided, 14 x 8.5 legal paper, borderless

FOD Brochure

FOD Family Questionnaire
We are in the process of updating our Family List - originally we had a printed List but because of copying/postage costs we discontinued that. Hopefully in the near future we will have a password protected Online Family List ONLY for FOD Families. Each member can update whatever information they would like to share. This new Family Questionnaire will also include questions that will assist us in gathering data that will help us write grants for funding. All of that information will be anonymous so no names etc will be divulged. We will let everyone know when our Online Family List is active. Until then please continue to use the Join our Group link so we can continue to network with new Families - and I (Deb) try to call/skype all new members no matter where you are in the world, so please be sure and list your phone number.

Professional Questionnaire for FOD Referral Purposes
Please complete this Questionnaire if you would like Families to know that you diagnose, clinically treat and/or do research with Fatty Oxidation Disorder Children and/or Adults. Please mail or fax this FOD Professional Questionnaire .

Release of Information Form
If you have a story, article, picture etc., to share, please download and fill out this form to submit with your contribution: Permission release form (PDF)

FOD Penpal Program
Would your child be interested in making a new friend and getting to know another child like him/herself with an FOD? Why not sign up for our Main google Email List (FOD Families Only - adults and teens at least 16 yrs old - signup on our Home page) to find other Families that might be interested in having their younger kids be Pen Pals. What a great way for them to share how they feel about their FOD. If your child might be interested please sign yourself up for our 1100+ member google Email List or the facebook Group (search GROUPS for FOD Family Support Group) and post that you'd like to find other Families interested in connecting their children! Then you can directly email each other (and not over the List) as well as monitor your child's email activity. The Pen Pal networking is not monitored by the FOD Group.